Operation: Holy Smokes - Outline

 “Saving Lives, One Smoke Detector at a Time.”

Goal:  To provide Fire Prevention, Smoke Detectors and / or CO detectors, utilizing local area churches for distribution for those in need. To ensure staff / youth groups have knowledge to assist those who are not capable.

Objective #1:    Identify local churches.

Objective #2:    Notify neighboring Fire Officials and area Clergy of all denominations where people in your Municipality or District may worship.

Objective #3: 

  1. Provide Fire Prevention material and / or  home inspection checklist such as:
  2. Test smoke detectors
  3. Test  Carbon Monoxide detectors
  4.  Identify exits in the home including knowing how to open bedroom windows
  5. Ensure storage is maintained a minimum of 3 feet from Furnace / Hot Water Heater.
  6. Information on how to evacuate.
  7. Notify that smoke detectors / CO detectors are available on a limited basis for those in need of assistance.   

Objective #4:      Provide smoke detectors / CO detectors to those who are not in a position to afford them.

Objective #5:      Ensure all places of worship have CO detectors.

Objective #6:     Identify church personnel who can train / assist groups providing installation of detectors for people unable to do so.