The requirements for the type and placement of Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguishers are as follows:

  1. The extinguisher shall be listed, labeled, charged, and operable.
  2. The size shall be no smaller than 2A:10B:C, rated for residential use. AN EXTINGUISHER WITH A RATING OF 1A:10B:C IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!
  3. The hangers or brackets supplied by the manufacturer must be used.
  4. The extinguisher must be located within 10 feet of the kitchen.
  5. The top of the extinguisher must not be more than 5 feet above the floor.
  6. The extinguisher must be visible and in a readily accessible location, free from being blocked by furniture, storage, or other items.
  7. The extinguisher must be near a room exit or travel path that provides an escape route to the exterior.
  8. The extinguisher must be accompanied by an owner’s manual or written information regarding the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the extinguisher.

New fire extinguishers are not required to be serviced and tagged, as long as the seller or agent can provide proof of purchase or receipt. (1 year maximum from date of purchase)
Old fire extinguishers are acceptable as long as it has been serviced and tagged by a NJ State certified technician and or Business. (within 1 year of scheduled inspection from the Fire Prevention Bureau)
Smoke Detectors are required on each level of the residence. (see figure 3 & 4)
Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required near any sleeping areas. (see figure 1 & 2)

These diagrams are for illustration purposes only.