Monroe Township Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention

Spring /Summer Fire Prevention Tips

Help Us Help You:

When you changed your clock, did you remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors? 

Watch where you put that cigarette out!  As more and more smokers are smoking outside, we are experiencing more and more fires that have started outside and have ignited the outside structure of the building:  That is because the mulch or fertilizer that the cigarette is put into is combustible!   Use a metal bucket full of sand for an ash tray.

Give Way, Give Life: When you see the Blue lights of a First Responder on the way to the Station or the Red lights of an Emergency Vehicle on the way to the scene, move over. When seconds count, yielding makes a difference!

Parking: Be mindful of the “No Parking Fire Zone” signs. Even when school is not in session the Fire Department still needs space to gain rapid entry. Parking in a no parking zone in front of a strip mall may hamper Fire Department operations or slow down an Emergency Medical Technician from saving a life.

Alarm Systems:  More and more homes have a fire alarm system (smoke detectors) connected to an alarm company in conjunction with the burglar alarm. In the event of a fire, the Fire Department is automatically called, even if you’re not home. (Your pets will appreciate it!) With a quick alarm, a small smoldering fire can be put out before it grows into a big fire.  By the time your neighbors notice the flames blowing out a window, major damage has occurred.

For homes having an alarm system, the Fire Department is offering a program where the home owner can purchase a safe-like box (called a   “Knox Box “) to be cemented into your house and wired into the burglar alarm.  The box contains a set of keys to get into your house along with emergency contact numbers. In the event of alarm activation, this allows the Fire Department to use a special key that only the Fire Department has to gain rapid entry without taking an axe to your door or window. This not only reduces damage but allows us to re-lock the door in the event of a false alarm without you having to leave work.  Stop by your local Fire House for details.   

As the warm weather approaches, here are some tips for using your propane grill:

Keep the grill a minimum of 5 feet from the structure of your home.  Radiant heat from the grill can ignite the side of the house, window covering, or the leaves in your gutters!

Propane Grill Do's:

Propane Grill Don'ts: